The Merlin Foundation for Psychic Freedom

"Psychic Luddites for Jesus!"
Psychic Guerilla Warriors dedicated to the pursuit of Psychic Freedom from the Tyranny of Computers and their Digital Menace and the Insane Mind-Control Machinations of the C.I.A.

HOT PRESS! Heroic Jury Smites Digital Terrorists!
Read the details of how twelve angry men struck a $100 million blow for psychic freedom!

REVELATION! The Year 2000 Bug!
Read about how you can avoid the year 2000 problem without employing costly consultants.

NEW RELEASE! The Psychic Diet!
Read about how you can lose weight, the painless, effortless, psychic way.

Free Harry Goldgar, Telepath!
Read the misery of one man's lonely struggle against psychic oppression.

PRESS STATEMENT! Teenage Crime Alert!
Read the details of this riot of depravity!

PRESS STATEMENT! Octuplets strike blow for Psychic Freedom!
Read the details of this coup for our psychic kampf!

NEWSFLASH! The First Lady Speaks Out:
Earlier this week, during dialog between our legal department and the President and First Lady of the United States of America, Hillary Rodham Clinton agreed that:

"[...] we will take your views concerning LIBERATION OF OPPRESSED PSYCHICS into account [...]"
The president, under mind control of the Psychic Templars, was not so forthcoming.

Our voice is being heard at the highest level! Continue the struggle! Our psychic amendments to the constitution may yet be ratified!

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