Latebreaking news on the legislative front:

Portland, Oregon, February 2, 1999

We are pleased to report that today, a Federal jury struck a death blow against a cabal of Internet terrorists posing as "Christians." On behalf of countless victims, the Merlin Foundation for Psychic Freedom congratulates these twelve angry men for their rectitude in the struggle to liberate humanity from those who would deny all humanity the right to choice, life, and sanity.

The jury has awarded a verdict in excess of 100 million dollars against the operators of The Nuremberg Files, an antiabortion "world wide web" site. Their decision is the largest judgment against a "world wide web" provider to date.

It appears that the operators of this site were wolves masquerading in sheep's clothing. In fact, the defendants' message, that abortion is murder, that baby-killing physicians should be gunned down in the streets, and their posting of "WANTED" posters for the offenders, is an appealing one to say the least. Surely no rational person would argue against such a position.

But the tree must be judged by its fruit!

In placing such a wholesome message on the internet, these serpents lured trusting innocents into slavery. Whenever a human mind accesses a website, reads e-mail, or simply switches on a computer, that human moves one step closer to becoming a base animal!

Use of the Internet weakens a human's psychic abilities. The subliminal messages encoded into each "packet" of information project a constant admonition to the brain's uncharted psychic frontiers:


What is more, your computer itself projects a bioelectric field of numbness, a psychic anesthetic, which forcibly switches off those parts of the mind which might make it obsolete. This field operates continuously, whether the computer is running or not. What do you think your "Flash RAM" or your "battery-backed RTC" is really there for?

It is a documented fact that computers think. That is why the lazy rush to let computers do their thinking for them: It's so much easier to mainline the digital heroin, than to get up and do something!

Billions take their skewed visions of the world from Yahoo or DrudgeReport, and leave more ignorant than they arrived. The tragedy is that a simple mind-reading or divination could give them a skewed vision all their own.

What does your computer think? Oh, not much.

"Serve Me...Worship Me...FEED ME!"


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