the year 2000
The Year 2000
Apocalypse of Man or Dawn of a New Age?

Washington and Wisconsin have already passed bills authorizing the mobilization of National Guard troops on 12/31/99. In Wisconsin's case, the troops are allowed to act under their own authority.

Republican Congressional Technophobes declare that December 31, 1999, is no longer New Year's Eve! Congressmen John Linder (R-Ga.) and David Dreier (R-Calif.) introduce bill H. J. Res. 14, to ban the millenium. Avoid the bomb by sticking your head in the sand!

Is the supposed "Year 2000 Problem" really just a ruse to cover a transition from democracy to military dictatorship? Is Y2K the velvet glove for a titanium fist?

Without the 21st century, will we witness a return to a 13th century dictatorship?

Are you worried about the chaos that may break out in January 2000, caused by attacks on systems that are designed to mimic, or be occulted by the Y2K bug?

Should you be?



At 11:59:59 PM on Dec. 31, 1999, avoid the year 2000 problem by setting your computer to MILLENIUM SAVINGS TIME. Roll back to the year 1901(b)! Live the 20th century all over again! Ask that girl out this time around. Bet on the horse races. Tell your mother you love her before she succumbs to the cruel wasting malaise of TB.

MILLENIUM SAVINGS TIME - our future is in the past!

Our step-by-step answer to the year 2000 problem:

  1. Obtain a sledgehammer

  2. At 11:59:59 PM on 12/31/99, smash your computer.

  3. Begin the new millenium liberated from your digital overlords.

Our reaction to the Y2K?

We will sit back and LAUGH as the rodents SCURRY to their filthy HOLES!

Our triumph is at hand!

Join our voyeurism of the Apocalypse Nirvana! Contact us at and witness your doom.

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