intralinear reading
Among our many responsibilities here at is that of researching ancient texts to discover new truths for the future generations. A new weapon in this research, that we have recently been able to unveil, is called Intralinear Reading®.

Our patented Intralinear Reading® techniques can be applied to all written communication; they allow us to read between the lines of written text to psychically divine the true or hidden meaning of the author. Some authors deliberately infuse their text with intralineal information; others unknowingly do so. In all cases, the intraneal information cannot be concealed and cannot obfuscate the true meaning of the author:

It is impossible to dissemble between the lines.

Possibly the most important end result of this research is that we can apply Intralinear Reading® to ancient texts and, in effect, communicate with the ancient authors. We can learn about the life and times of the author, and establish the truth behind what are often fantastic and implausible accounts in ancient texts.

This should be sharply constrasted with Reverse Speech, a technique that relies on audio recording (limiting its applicability to the late twentieth century) and that uses electronic skullduggery to divine the so-called truth. Intralinear Reading® needs no such charlatan's tools: a document, a reader and the psychic cosmos are all that we need.

For obvious reasons of trade secrecy, we cannot divulge details of the actual Intralinear Reading® techniques; what we can say is that it takes months of dedicated research for each document. Our researchers must attune their psyches to the mindwaves of the author and reach across the space/time/mind-gap to engage in psychic communion with the very words themselves. Our findings have been, frankly, astonishing.

We initially applied these patented Intralinear Reading® techniques to the Tablets of Stone divinely created by God and given unto Moses on Mount Sinai, currently stored in a secret temple beneath the Gaza Strip(1), upon which are inscribed the Thirteen Commandments of God(2), the Divine Canon that is the foundation of Christian Paleoorthodox Theology(3).

Written between the lines of the divine statutes, we found astonishing information. Forget about the Jesus Cipher(4)! Intralinear Reading® reveals far more!

God has left His True Meaning set in stone for all to read(5):

  1. "Know this, My True Will." (The exact translation is "Our True Will", however lacking salient evidence of God's multiplicity (possibly a collective consciousness(6)) we must assume an error on His part.)

  2. "The path you walk shall be beset by shadowy enemies." (Originally, "stone lepers"; the meaning of the word leper (l'pah) has changed since ancient times from enemy (although there are subtleties lost in this translation; in particular when used in conjunction with stone when it refers to secretive, unseen enemies) to now mean diseased (the ancients did now know how the disease leprosy was transmitted, hence the etymological transformation.))

  3. "Chief among those are the Knights Templar." (We have taken liberties with the translation of the organization's name; its true name, as documented in the Stone Tablets, is a secret word of power that is not wisely uttered.)

  4. "Pursue the divinely enlightened Mind." (This could also be translated as "Seek the darkest path" however it is clearly an exhortation to psychic exercise.)

  5. "Forge ties among the stars." (Obviously the Knights Templar know of what God is speaking: The C.I.A.-backed phony N.A.S.A. moon landings, the carefully orchestrated Mir fiasco (the Russian Space program was only recently co-opted by the reborn Illuminati, a.k.a. "Russian Mafia"), the global reduction in space travel, the cancellation of the Star Wars program (so-named for a very good reason: Reagan was a stalward opponent of the Illuminati, hence the botched assassination attempt (his mind was reamed anyway during his subsequent hospitalization)), the murder of Arthur C. Clarke, Gene Roddenberry and other visionary figureheards and the proliferation of feel-good Earth-bound spacetertainment (The Cape, Earth Island II, Men in Black, Third Rock from the Sun) and feel-bad deep-space "spacetertainment" (Alien, Aliens, Alien Resurrection, Event Horizon, Starship Troopers) all point to a concerted effort to keep man and his psychic brethren Earth-bound and happy to be kept that way.)

  6. "Unite against the common enemy." (This should be starkly contrasted against the New World Order of uniting under the common enemy...)

  7. There is no seventh intraline entry. The number seven has quabalistic significance.

  8. "Await Me where I shall return:" (Note again that the plural form was used in this text and that He says I shall return; not My son, as the Templar curs would have us believe. Indeed, the entire Jesus debacle is looking increasingly dubious; recent evidence suggests that the C.I.A. technocrats invented this story as a diversion of psychic energy from God ("Praise be to God") to an irrelevant carpenter's son ("Praise Jesus"), eliminating the potential of Christians to effectively engage in a concerted psychic effort to summon Him back from His current travelings.)

  9. "Fed Jared lom n'aranqh om tar seyed trankh." (We have been unable to translate this last intraline.)
This profound information reveals to us that God intends us to build our psychic strengths, to unite against the Knights Templar, to look to the stars for assistance, and that He will join us when the Revolution comes.

Prepare yourselves, my psychic brethren.

Looking to the future, our researchers are currently analyzing the prophetic Book of Enoch; preliminary findings are so astounding that we cannot even publish them yet(7)!

Rest assured that all will be revealed when you are ready for the knowledge. Until that time arrives, all that we can suggest is for you to Study the Book of Enoch.

Read between the linesSM.

The information is there!

Khanfota Lablan EtMalhannat,
Intern Paleoorthodoxist at R&D


(1) And you wonder why Israel refuses to leave the Gaza Strip? Their pseudoinvolvement in the Middle-Eastern peace process is simply a ruse to buy time while Mossad uses Biblical Technology from the Ark of the Covenant (same location) to erect a psychic defence grid around the Israeli state. The six day war (foretold between the lines of the Ezekiel Gog/Magog Bible prophecy) in which Israel invaded the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai Peninsula and the Golan heights, served both to seize land on which the secret temple was located and to recover Biblical artifacts identified by Hassidic Psychics and relocated to Mossad research facilities: Currently, the Israelis not only have access to atomic weapons, but also Biblical Weapons used by God to smite the races that formerly occupied the Earth; their recent reluctance to use these weapons stems from a lack of defensive capabilities against the Templar assault that would ensue under cover of Russion retaliatory attacks in aid of their Arab masters. (back)

(2) The first Commandment was classified by Moses for good reason; the fourth, "Thou shalt not use the beast of burden but the might of thy mind," and thirteenth, "Thou shalt know mine enemy and his name shall" (the stone is chipped at this point) were suppressed by the C.I.A. Templar global conspiracy; hence the current Ten Commandments. (back)

(3) Contemporary theology is but a pale and perverted satire of the Founder's original intent; Divine Theology has become Divine Comedy. Religious exercise of the psychic mind have been replaced by meaningless and banal effacement before graven images. Puppets of Rome for centuries have sought to dilute and erode what little truth remains in scripture and doctrine for the purpose of breeding a servile army suitable for psychic enslavement by the Templar hegemony. (back)

(4) The Jesus Cipher is a variant of the Bible Cipher, designed to be resistant to both differential and linear cryptanalysis, techniques known to the Knights Templar since 3000 B.C., traded to the N.S.A. during the mid-twentieth century in return for Alien Technology in the possession of the U.S. Government. The Knights Templar subsequently developed Quantum Cryptanalysis in the early Iron Age which, together with their involvement in the C.I.A.-sponsored Project Echelon (a global Internet wiretapping infrastructure), provides them with instant access to all computerized information on the planet. Why, you ask? Because you can't read a computer's mind! (back)

(5) Intralinear Reading®, U.S. and Worldwide patent number 8114703; please contact for licensing information. (back)

(6) I would refer the interested reader to the recently-recovered Nag Hammadi Codex, The Hypostatis of the Archons (Knight Commander Sammath En Hiddori ordered this, one of thirteen codices, destroyed; luckily an errant wind (psychic) blew several documents from the fire.) No single Creator formed Adam: "The rulers laid plans and said, 'Come, let us create a man that will be soil from the earth.'". Clearly the Templars had a reason to suppress this document. Faced with the concept of a collective of Creators, early Christians may have attempted a psychic metaconcert that could have unseated the Templars; instead, all evidence to this end was either altered or destroyed. (back)

(7) Pending appropriate intellectual property filings and assignations. (back)

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