nanowave nightmare
As part of our relentless mission to research and uncover government mind control atrocities, it is sometimes our wont to publicly expose these heinous practises. We publish this information in order that the unseeing public be better aware of the futility that is their material life. And so that maybe, someday, they will choose the true life that is the psychic way.

Planetary mind control and population suppression

In this document we describe some of the fiendish plot that is the planetary governments' uses and abuses of electromagnetic frequencies, and their ways and purposes thereof.

In the early 50's, with the popularity of the black and white television, governments began their first grand foray into the field of mind control on a planetary scale. Initially they imprinted subliminal messages into the flyback of regular television transmissions. Unfortunately (for them), the low refresh rate and high latency of the phosphor left much to be desired: Typical symptoms among viewers were migraines and, in more extreme cases, mild strokes. Later, more successful experiments involved encoding the beta waves of brain-dead patients (victims of hazardous direct mind-control experimentation) into the "white noise'"between transmissions (ever wondered why a blank signal does not result in a blank screen). While this proved a very effective way to directly imprint signals onto viewers' brains (ever wondered why white noise has such a calming effect), retaining viewership was a significant obstacle.

These primary attempts involved using the television device itself as the signal delivery mechanism. The ultimate limiting factor was, of course, the number of people watching television at any given time. Significant government funds were (and still are) poured into advertising to encourage increased viewership. Laboratory experiments soon revealed, however, a much more insidious possibility: That airborne television signals could themselves be used to control victims. Laboratory primates showed a remarkable succeptibility to signals in the UHF band and so television broadcasts were rapidly reallocated from traditional VHF frequences into an alternate, and more effective encoding (for mind-control purposes) in the UHF range. Unlike earlier amplitude modulation encoding, the new frequency-amplitude modulation allows for delicate broadband manipulation of a wide range of subjects; not just those with the baseline cranial resonance frequency chosen by early experimenters.

How much control, you may ask, does the government have over your mind, based purely on broadband UHF transmissions? The answer is, not much. They can induce a certain degree of passiveness in a population by saturating the brain with pink noise. UHF does not, however, provide sufficient control to pacify a rioting crowd. Instead, a much more effective use of the bandwidth is to simply encourage people to watch television. Quite simply, the entire population is subject to a continuous barrage of UHF disturbance, a disturbance that is alleviated solely by patterns encoded in television pictures. Using this subliminal rewarding mechanism, the mind is conditioned to watch as much as television as possible to minimize the trauma that is everyday life. When a population must be pacified, the background interference is simply increased to a level where the brain subconsciously demands relief. The result? Tens of millions of people stayed at home and watched the O.J. Simpson trial. Without UHF suppression? Rodney King.

Oh yeah, they've long-since perfected the encoding of selected brainwave patterns into the key information of a colour television signal (and you wonder why the US chose NTSC encoding). So, once the population sits down on that couch, their brains are the government's for the making.

With the advent of cable television of course, the use of traditional transmitters and relay stations diminished greatly, causing some consternation for certain elements of the government. Their answer? Satellite television. But that, of course, is another story.

Experiments conducted during the 60's revealed (obviously enough) that higher frequencies provide opportunities for far greater mind-control than lower frequencies. Television signals allow standing waves to be erected within the cranial cavity that allow little more than gross manipulation of activity centres within the brain. Approaching nanowave frequencies, however, selected groups of neurons can be activated with a remarkable degree of sensitivity. Specifically, around the 800MHz band, control is localized to those neurons that are related to higher brain functions within humans and in particular functions of psychic faculty.

So the government faces a dilemma. The new microwave and nanowave technologies allow for unprecendented levels of population control and psychic suppression, but how to deploy these on a planetary scale? The television infrastructure was already too entrenched to accomodate another upgrade. Then who should come knocking on the FCC's door, looking for a new frequency allocation, but the telecommunications giants looking to deploy a planetary mobile phone network. And, pray tell, what was the frequency that they were allocated? Can anyone say 800MHz?

The initial rollout of cellular mobile phones resulted in microwave transmission cells being overlaid on all populated regions of the planet. The result was a thick psychic damping field that eliminated free psychic expression within miles of any population centre (hence the demise of the 70's, peace and free love). While this rollout was remarkably successful (licenses were granted for the erection of microwave relays to reach every element the planet's population, even in areas considered inviolable ecological sanctuaries), commercial realities prevented total planetary saturation. As a result, psychic insurrections such as the Nevada burning man festival continued outside the sway of the nanowave nightmare.

Never satisfied, the U.S. government embarked on a media campaign to encourage the notion that one should remain connected to the nanowave subspace anywhere on the planet; from the top of Mount Everest to the most remote desert island to the very anarchic festivals that are our expression of psychic anger at government suppresion. The result: Interest among the rich, young, upwardly mobile population groups. The commercial reaction: A fleet of satellites now circle the equator, saturating the entire planet in government-controlled nanowave suppression fields. The only places that remain sacrosanct are those regions above the Northern and Southern 162o latitudes that are beyond the reach of equatorial satellites. For how much longer we cannot say; campaigns are currently underway to install polar microwave relays in the interest of scientific connectiviity.

So what does this mean for you or me? Well, for me, nothing. For us, here, nothing. For you, however, without the benefit of psychic shielding and intracranial nanowave repellants, you are condemned to remain a pawn for eternity. Your psychic faculties are forever locked down unless you happen to wake up one day at the North pole, or maybe on the surface of the moon. Actually, don't think for a moment that even space remains safe. In fact, don't think at all. The Mars Global Surveyor is not quite as innocent as the name suggests. Martians exist. Before long, they too will be mere pawns in the government's play.

What can you do? Pray. Smash the machine. Sell your television. Raze your local microwave relay. Or, if you happen to be a surface-to-satellite rocket scientist, we may have some use for you. But, to tell the truth, you've probably already lost. And I haven't even mentioned the microwave signature devices that have been implanted in your clothes (or your skull if you were born recently), the millimeter-wave scanners that track your every movement and the microwave lasers that can control your every thought wherever you go. Or that drive you quietly insane.. Have you ever experienced street lights that mysteriously light up or go out when you walk past? Microwave inductance tends to disturb unhardened electronics. Psychotronics. I've said enough already. Think. Don't think. Look around.

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