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Name: Ra-Hotep
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From: New Zealand
Time: 2002-01-15 18:57:43
Comments: In all my travels apon this Earth, I come across many who "have the answer", and few who actually do. You are close to the bone on this, but divest yourself of useless stupidties and grow in Our Light. Or, you could continue to play the Clown.
Name: veronica
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From: cali baby
Time: 2002-01-14 19:39:37
Comments: oh ya one more thing...SUCK MY DICK!!!
Name: Veronica
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From: cali baby
Time: 2002-01-14 19:32:30
Comments: First of all, you mutha fuckas and all you stupid bastards that believe in this retarded shit are gonna burn in hell. I just wanna let you know that I think that you are all full of shit and you need to seek professional help. Especially with that employment bullshit. The nerve of you assholes to call someoene worthless....YOU DUMB BASTARDS ARE WORTHLESS AND MALIGNANT AND IGNORANT. NOt my black ass. I don't have nuts....but if i had some you would have to suck on em really mutha fuckas is weird...dont get me wrong i have respect for all types of people but yall oh hell no. im out this bitch man. Yall need Jesus like a mutha fucka
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Time: 2001-12-12 11:47:23
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From: Ireland
Time: 2001-12-12 08:08:00
Comments: Take care and thanks, Liz
Name: MissyA
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: West Virginia
Time: 2001-12-04 01:41:56
Comments: Okay, this site is strange,however I will not judge.I do have moderate phsycic abilities and this site is almost as hypocritical as the Christians reading it and cutting it down.Destroy all machines? Duh! this site is on a computer?! Also I don't believe that machines do anything to any phsycic ability.It is merely the popular belief of the norm.Who is going to stand up and say they have phsycic abilities only for them to be laughed at or critisized.Not many.It is not machines we need rid of but to open up peoples minds and teach people not to be so judgemental.That would do the entire world a great deal of good, not only phycics but different races,different religions, both genders and and sexual orientations.We don't need to shut down society but open up poples minds.
Name: MissyA
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: West Virginia
Time: 2001-12-04 01:21:09
Comments: Okay,I'm not sure what I thnk of this site, because I haven't explored it yet.I have however read alot of this guest book.I really think there are alot of hypocrites out there.First of all religion is a choice...yes?So are things such as this.I don't see people at churches yelling at them that GOD isn't real, and that it is a waste of time.(Not that it's true)But if you don't believe in GOD then you simply should not be there...right? Same thing here.However, has it ever ocorred to you EXTREME to the point of disbelief HolyRollers that perhaps the bible may have been changed through history as was everything else.The bible today states many things, That Adam & Eve were the first people on earth, but where did the rest of us come from....Thats right there CHILDREN had to have had CHILDREN together, is this not a form of incest? But later on in the bible it says incest is wrong(which of course it is).The bible also states that women are below men and that women shoud OBEY thier husbands, that is certainly not the case.I'm not putting down any type of religion here just stating that the bile many follow today may not be accurate.Anyhow I have gotten carried point is no-one harrasses Christians as many so called Christians seem to harrass others.A point of veiw or belief is within yourself and by THE WAY IF YOU ARE SO CHRISTIAN doesn't it also say in the bible not to JUDGE ANYONE that that is entirely up to GOD?? Also if you follow the bible so about the fact that you shouldn't even be in a site like this at all.....aaaaaaahhhhh What a sinner.Okay I'm going to check out this site now I'll get back to you on how I like it.
Name: josh
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From: usa
Time: 2001-11-27 09:56:05
Comments: suck my nuts
Name: s1
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From: usa
Time: 2001-11-10 00:03:56
Comments: I think that it is funny that you discourage the use of computers and machines but yet you post this website and then use it to "inform" people of these delusional stories.
Name: eric stewart
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From: michigan
Time: 2001-11-03 15:35:28
Comments: my name is eric stewart...over the years i have maintained 3 groups starting at onelist [before it became absorpbed by egroups and then by yahoo] reporting on ecological, oppression, and metaphysical issues...a few months ago, of course, a cracker took over an old addy of mine that was stilled on as a moderator and used moderator priveleges to remove ME as moderator of my own lists... recently, i have been uncovering voluminous amounts of information on the 911 conspiracy to rule the world by someone [and i think i know who]...lots of verifiable stuff...well, BAM! suddenly the archives of my list under_the_gun have disappeared...perhaps one of the largest single sources of such the interest of discrediting me, of course, it is entirely possible that such archives will be available agains soon so that those attempting to check on my claims will see me as a crackpot...does not matter...consider those lists hijacked.. for those of you who aren't aware of the extent of this drama...on october 30, 2001 i got the latest and most unambiguous of the death threats since i became the unwitting guinea pig of some MKULTRA-style gang in california... from boulder, colorado... THE TRUTH - DAMMIT....THE TRUTH!!!! remember gw bush sr.'s speech on the "New World Order"??? do you know what date that speech was delivered? september 11, 1990 it gets weirder... ===== "Facts are stupid things." -- Ronald Reagan
Name: Judas
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Australia
Time: 2001-10-08 00:42:37
Comments: To all who say they are different,but yet know not how to be,the time is soon near.Look at you right palm,for that is were I put it.The seven seas that flow in our blood must frist be locked,then and only then,will your mind be set free,never to controlled agian.If you want to know more just ask me.
Name: Judas
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 2001-10-08 00:29:14
Name: Judas
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 2001-10-08 00:29:12
Name: (not my real name)Crusader Avalon
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From: Poteau
Time: 2001-10-05 17:30:58
Comments: I have suspected for a long time now that I am "different", I have shown signs of telikinetik abilities and my IQ is a lot higher than it should be, I understand this world and how it works, I know I can use telekinesis, but I am not sure how, I you are reading this and you know how to use it then PLEASE e-mail me.
Name: stuff
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Time: 2001-09-25 17:41:33
Comments: WOW!!!!! all of you need to get your friggin' brains checked, please.
Name: Ian
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From: England
Time: 2001-09-23 18:53:05
Comments: I have read your site and I have gained much from the information that you have presented. I have to say that there have been alot of people who have posted on this who cannot even start to understand what is happening in this day and age, and they are leading a sheltered life completely and utterly under control from the government and its evil forces. I have spent a lot of time researching on different sites before I came to find this one. This site has become the keystone in my research and ties all of the theories and conspiracys together presenting the truth. Those who ignore and laugh at what is here are ignorant,stupid and soon to be extinct. If you would take your time to look around and see what is behind your normal comprehension of this world then you would know the truth. I have said my piece and I will continue to fight for merlin and its cause until the psychic community stands liberated and free from the evil oppressors that inhabit are minds. Although my time maybe limited in this fight as I already am aware that I have been infected with the CIA's retro virus and it is becoming harder and harder to control my psychic energy. Fight For Freedom
Name: Shaphail
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From: Texas
Time: 2001-08-27 23:34:49
Comments: I came to your site in hopes to find an organization that would have made Merlin proud. Upon coming to and touring your site I have become very hurt that you have chosen Merlins name to represent you. I know that if Merlin were still alive today he would have nothing to do with your research or your claims. I started reading this website with an open mind and a hopefull heart and found that my trusts were ill placed. If you really want to know where your phsycic powers come from. Yes everyhuman has the ability of physic powers as you call them. It was not another decision made by God to give humans, but part of the original package. Humans on whole only use about 10% of our brain. Those of us with true "physic powers" have tapped into the part of the brain that lays dorment and has laid dorment for years. Unfortunately most people claiming to have "physic powers" are indeed in bondage to demonic powers. I don't mean to make anyone mad or to be hurtfull in anyway, but I wanted to let my voice be heard. Please be carefull when playing with powers and things that you don't understand. You may just find yourself at Satans bay.
Time: 2001-08-06 06:10:29
Name: Zain
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From: Earth
Time: 2001-07-18 21:32:00
Name: Merlin Foundation Staff
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Tibet
Time: 2001-07-07 01:11:14
Comments: Where the FUCK do we get some of these assholes posting on our guestbooks?
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Time: 2001-07-04 03:40:19
Comments: I would like to know more about Spirit communication.
Name: Cheryl Leming
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: San Diego
Time: 2001-06-15 13:02:49
Comments: Hello, I see your findings are quite interesting, I was right about a few things mentioned. I was compelled to find your internet and where my life has been leading as of late is certainly been better. I do believe I've had a revelation of my own. My Deepest Regards, Cheryl
Name: Society of HELP {REGD}
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: H.No.6-24/6.Srinivasa Colony. MAHBUBNAGAR - 509 002. Andhra Pradedsh. South INDIA.
Time: 2001-05-25 03:19:37
Comments: Dear Sir, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour. "HELP" is a voluntary organization founded in the year 1992 to meet the challenges posed by nature in one of the largest district of Andhra Pradesh State. It is an organization founded to facilitate the process of development of villages. In its endeavor HELP has envisaged to promote responsible participation of people in their own development. To achieve this goal HELP has adopted the strategy of consultation which has facilitated its operation in making people think of their problems and find solutions and if possible alternative possibilities to realize its goals. The area of operation chosen is DOULATABAD MANDAL of Mahabubnagar Distinct, Andhra prudish which is underdeveloped and severely under exposed to any sort of developmental inputs, either from government or least from any non-governmental sector Mahabubnagar District. Our Organisation is Involved in all the emergencies caused by desaster of nature through its service. ( in earth quake which stuck at Lathur of Maharastra nad Gujarath in January 2001. Our Orgsanisation was facilitated throught he Govenerment of Andhra Pradesh.South India for a study and submition of the sequacences of the Earth quake with a detail report. Our area is specially working with the people who are stuck-up in the condition of severe drought. . It is declared as one of the drought prone district among 5 distrcits of the Country. The entire is very dry and hit by Drought. Only 2% of the total area is covered with forest which is also very nominal and less density. The people here depend mostly on agriculture which again depend on the mercy of rainfall, which is very scanty. Most of them are agricultural laborers and marginal farmers. The poor and the agricultural laborers suffer a lot in the summer season live becomes a struggle and mostly the elder and aged become the victims of starvation deaths. Our main Concentration is towards rural heath and child edcation. which is the main neglegence of the village people in India. We have come to know about your services and involve in the Risk in natural disasters. and we are thankful for your help and services which you have rendered to the needy people of INDIA. As a true Volunteers and service partners we are interested to know more about your Organisation and be as partners with you either in the Projects you are interested to promote in our area. Or be your partner in services which we are able to do for you. Please keep your address in the mailing list.and kindly send your brochur and guidlines. We would be thankful if you could able to mail back. Our address for correspondence Mr.K.V.Mohan Executive Director. HELP (Non-Governmental Development Organisation) H.No. 6-24/6, Srinivasa Colony. MAHABUBNAGAR - 509 002 Andhra Pradesh South INDIA.
Name: vijayanand
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From: india
Time: 2001-05-11 06:48:44
Comments: i love the way and am amused on how you explianed spontaneous human combustion.
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From: We are a worldwide organization
Time: 2001-05-04 16:35:50
Comments: We here at the Anti-Dolphin Organization feel that although some of your ideas are very insightful and innovative, we do however feel that some of them are very misconstrued. We would like to open up a dialogue between our two organizations because we have some very similar ideas yet some very opposing viewpoints but we feel that if we begin communicating that we can make our organizations stronger while at the same time discovering a common ground and the truth of everything. We ask you to please contact Michael at the above mentioned email address, he is one of our representatives and can explain our views and knowledge more in-depth.
Name: peter
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From: northern ireland
Time: 2001-04-19 20:09:35
Comments: boy am i glad that i read your information on british telecom. i thought that the kids were acting strange now that they are able to use the if my country didnt have enough problems with suspicion and hatred as it is without me fretting to death about phone tapping well i suppose im lucky that my mobile is on orange hoping that its still safe out there
Name: Brooke Newell
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Fallbrook, CA
Time: 2001-04-16 23:06:39
Comments: I do think that anything to do with absolute craziness like witches and such is quite wonderful. Of course no one shall know the authentics.I wish I were a witch, and am involved in telikinesis. I can move things with my mind, seriously! Of course, I know a few other people who can do this also. I also know some psychics who can tell a person's future. I am eleven years of age, but I am no Matilda or Bless the Child character. It takes a lot of concentration and anger.
Name: James
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From: Viginia
Time: 2001-03-29 19:12:23
Comments: I'm 8 but I like to search for Ghost Goblins Demons monsters Ufos crop circles!!!!!I'm into fiction stuff even my sense is there all real but only my bro will beleive me!!!!!For gost and stuff go to but I want to learn about the goverment's nukelear crap!!!!!!but to see that go to signed, james
Name: Marcus
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From: USA
Time: 2001-03-24 14:20:35
Comments: You guys really got to put your feet back on the ground of reality. Do you make up this conspiracy shit as you go along or what?
Name: Gabriel Seraphim
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: I have always been.
Time: 2001-03-23 14:52:37
Comments: You have a lot to learn. No time like the present. A stitch in time saves nine. Haste makes waste. Mind your manners. Put your napkin on your lap. Wash your hands before returning to the table. Always use your turn signals. There are no guardian angels, we believe in darwinism. Have fun! Love, Gabe
Name: Agent #22518
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Classified
Time: 2001-03-20 15:29:59
Comments: The corp is mother The corp is father I am nothing without the corp Should I fall the corp will carry me Should I need the corp will give I am the corp Psycorp Creedo Go Psycorp!
Name: vj-again
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From: someplace near
Time: 2001-01-21 20:39:29
Name: vj-again
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Time: 2001-01-21 20:29:36
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 2001-01-13 13:28:02
Comments: Fuck off
Name: B. Miller
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Pittsburg, PA
Time: 2001-01-12 22:44:39
Comments: Hello, just wanted to point out a technical inaccuracy in the "HEROIC JURY" article. The current internet standard, IPv4, doesn't allow for subliminal messages to be encoded within every packet. The author was probably thinking of the up-and-coming IPv6 standard that will actually allow this, but it is not in widespread use at this time. The oldest and most common way to transmit subliminals is with the Telnet Subliminal-Message Option (RFC 1097). There's also the new "Hypnotic Eye" extension to AOL's Tik/Toc instant-messaging protocol, but it's only supported by the most recent client software.
Name: patricia
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: modesto
Time: 2000-12-18 20:16:33
Comments: i want a free reading
Name: Helen
Referred by: Net Search
From: Australia
Time: 2000-12-09 21:43:30
Comments: I just read some of the other entries. Most people realise this page is complete shit, but there are some seriously ill people out there. The guy wearing tin foil for's called having a mental illness! You all need help... Oh, and the preachers about Jesus...why are they visiting a page about psychics? They contradict themselves...the bunch of hypocrites.
Name: Helen
Referred by: Net Search
From: Australia
Time: 2000-12-09 21:24:50
Comments: This is the weirdest site I've ever come across. It's ideas are VERY far-fetched, and the stuff of sci-fi books. I just read the article on spontaneous human combustion, and one of your research can't really expect anyone to believe it can you? One good point is your site's pretty good. The content though...don't get me started.
Name: angie h
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: it should'nt matter
Time: 2000-11-28 08:40:49
Comments: hi i really like your site because i am a phsycic myself i predicted my grandmothers death, income of money for my friend and an earthquake i have also seen a gohst if you do'nt wanna believe me it's your problem. I have also felt a link between me and a stranger and whatever i told him was true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't believe me it's your problem because i tell you boyz 'n girlz i might even know you ANYWAYZ BYE
Name: Owen Grenouille
Referred by: Net Search
From: Myself
Time: 2000-11-08 23:55:41
Comments: Hello there everyone. I stumbled upon this site Today. I read the tale of Harry, the opressed telepath from New Orleans. Hmm... Harry, is it hard to listen to your inner-voice, and your own thoughts? Maybe it is because you've ignored yourself for so long. Perhaps out of regret for your past actions maybe? Or perhaps you've depen- ded on the opinions of others too much in your life, losing your own opinions... Wait! You can be whoever you please. No one can dictate your own opinions to you, or they are not really your own opinions. Who told you that you have to accept the thoughts of others as they come out of their mouths? Our problem is that we have been taught to blindly accept our parent's and teachers' opinions. Why? Because they were taught to never let a child think for itself. It's killing the number of young creative minds. Enjoy life while you can, Harry, and don't stress over meaningless concepts like telepathy, the idea of telepathy was created by other humans, all of which have fragile superstitious minds, you don't have to agree that telepathy id real, or anything else for that matter. Create your own opinion. You are only weak because someone once told you that you were, and you began to believe it. In truth there is no such thing as a weak person, someone created the concept of weakness, and that someone was not you. I'm not saying it's any less real, on the contrary... when you believe in something, it's very real, but it's up to you to decide what's real and what's not. Why not create a vivid fantasy world in your own mind again, and dream... No one can read your mind, Harry. You give YOURSELF away by believing that they can. You know why? YOU project your thoughts on them. Try ignoring others for a while, think about important things to you, think about anything you wish because nobody can tell you what to think about but yourself. Make whatever facial expression you feel like, and don't feel threatened by anyone else, most of them out there just want to live and let live. Some may try to trick you into believing that they know what you're thinking, and you may have accidentally sabotaged yourself into believing there's more to it than just somebody using hypnotic suggestions on you and reading your every move. These people are like social vampires in that they ignorantly watch others instead of themselves. The poor people are watching a life-long soap opera. Let it all go, Harry. Embrace life for the sheer joy of it. Harry, have you ever considered that people see only what you let them see, and that you are never free as long as you believe that they can read your mind? Sure, it may be possible in the rhealm of humanity to be telepathic, but it sounds like it's not helping you very much to believe that you are able to delve into others' thoughts; I mean, shouldn't you be recognizing these actions as detrimental and start taking action to ignore all voices but your own? The trick is: Every voice in your head is your own, but you are distorting it to sound like someone else's. You know what I think? I think that you have a gift. A very special gift, and that gift is not telepathy. It's much more than that, it is the gift of imagination. And some day you're going to be very surprised by what you find you can do. My Conclusion: Telepathy is detrimental to you in that you pay attention to their thoughts instead of your own. There is no real point in using it for personal benefit because the information can be false and damaging to you and your relations with the other person. So why hold a belief that such a thing as telepathy exists if all it is going to do is mess with you? Bah, telepathy has tons of drawbacks; you lose concentration, lose yourself, and you lose others. So why do it? Know Thyself, -Owen P.S.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that I've said all this, I want you to hear one more thing that I am telling you. All of the things that I have just said are my own _Personal_ opinion. You are not expected to take everything that I have just said and blindly believe it all, as I am just another person on this Earth, trying to figure out the mysteries of life. Perhaps you should look at what I have said and mold some of it, probably not all of it, with your own personal views.
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 2000-10-32 05:02:24
Name: Wendigo_dk
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Denmark
Time: 2000-10-14 11:40:47
Comments: I wonder who put you up to this? Do you really posess the gift(s)like i do, my personal experiences suggest otherwise. THERE ARE genuine Telepaths among us and they are not all locked up in mental institutions, some of them are in power and i know how to defeat them, a little hint it´s all about drugs! and how you use them , if used in the right fashion they can turn your mind into a weapon more powerful than anything else on this planet................................................ So stop your feeble attemps of disinformation and learn how to unleash your full potential (i.e. do some mindaltering drugs and then you´ll know what i´m talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: The Cleanser
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: The house next door
Time: 2000-09-22 09:58:29
Comments: 01010010011010100010110011010100100101011101010110100100101010100100101011010100 01010100100101001001010010010100100110101011011010110011111100010100100100101010 01010010100100101001001010100100110010101010110110110100010101001011010111010100 101101010100100110101010101010100101010101001001010010100101 After reading the above string of binary, you have contracted the snow crash mental virus, which enters your skull via your eyes and rewires the wetware inside, causing an irreversible failure of all psychic/telekinetic/predictive power..........cleanse the gentically unpure............justice is served on all mutants.....
Time: 2000-09-13 22:24:52
Time: 2000-09-13 22:24:52
Name: Marzio Gigante
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: The Netherlands
Time: 2000-09-09 16:44:15
Comments: Thoughtfull
Name: Jenny the Jedi
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: I was born on a jedi space craft
Time: 2000-09-04 21:02:15
Comments: Some sort of phsycic vibes sent me to this page.... good bye, and may the force be with you always, jenny the jedi
Name: Bill Ward
Referred by: Net Search
From: illinois
Time: 2000-08-22 18:59:36
Comments: vietnam biography
Name: BOB
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: northwest england
Time: 2000-07-30 10:02:46
Comments: Very interesting...cuckooo.. cuckoooo....cuckooooo
Name: Daz
Referred by: Net Search
From: Classified
Time: 2000-07-24 20:27:36
Comments: I am 13 years old and my honest opinoin about this site is its a load of crap predicting the future is not PHYSICALLY possible but mentally possible and for the people who say God is the only creature able to predict the future ask yourself this...If God makes the future why can people predict the future? I dont want to be disrespectful to people who believe in God but the future is what people make it... Heavon and hell is what we make it, you can either live your life in heavon or hell, life is what you choose it to be! The important is we choose life and live it.Psychic abilities are very real,WE ARE ALL PSYCHIC everyone has Dejavu.Remember a time you had Dejavu was it exactly the same as you dreamt it?No this is because people have been given a second chance to get the day that would have gone wrong correct.If people have visions of the end of the world it doesnt mean it will be the end of the world it means we have another chance not to let it end.If it is a nuclear war dont cause the nuclear war!I have been born with mild psychic abilities i get dejavu quite often all i would like to no is "why" does anybody have the answer?
Name: A person that is good
Referred by: Net Search
From: New York
Time: 2000-07-10 18:07:22
Comments: What I have to say concerns all of us. Ok Magic is real telekenesis is real other things are real too, GOD let's us discover these things, but we don't want to discover things. First off no one knows the future, but Allah (GOD)and Aallah created us so he can destroy us just like a snap of fingers. Everything we do blink, move everything GOD makes it happen. The end of the world is very near it could tommorrow, no one knows not even you guys! But do as you wish your sins will catch up to you all I suggest you let Allah guide you all. Don't listen to that bastard Satan or the devil. There are no ghosts they are jinns and they can not HURT YOU! That is all Thank you.
Name: Denise
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Virginia Deach
Time: 2000-06-23 01:36:01
Name: heather
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: southern new jersey
Time: 2000-06-06 22:46:12
Comments: [ censored ]
Name: Den ældste abe
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: It should be obvious!
Time: 2000-06-04 19:31:18
Comments: You gotta be kidding! This is either very disturbed or very cunning, i suscpect both. Do you really think anyone would take this seriously? well i have the gift and i can control it, can you? I can conjure fucking demons ,can you? I can do things with my consciousness that you wouldn´t believe, and another thing we are not alone in this universe and i don´t mean the fiction/lies/misconceptions (like this website) that the world is full of. The aliens are not here yet, but someday they will and we better be prepared!
Time: 2000-05-32 21:35:55
Name: shivanown
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 2000-05-24 13:36:19
Comments: you guys are so mixed up!!! The only person who knows the future is God himself. Jesus calles physics an abomination!!!. Jesus died for you and instead of letting God direct your paths, you are trying to direct your own. How sad that this world has come. The time is almost near, God will return. Turn away from your sins and turn to God for only he knows the future. Remember Jesus died on the cross he was buried and he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. I encourage you all to see what the Holy Bible has to say about this!!!
Name: don't you know that already?
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: you tell me
Time: 2000-05-19 22:23:57
Comments: the truth shall set you free...
Name: Jeanne Warrington
Referred by: Hyperlink
From: NY
Time: 2000-05-09 18:11:23
Comments: Merlin, interesting site, raises a variety of interesting questions. Feel free to visit my site and give me your view on my psychic development program:
Name: steven farmer
Referred by: Hyperlink
From: Savannah GA
Time: 2000-04-05 16:55:24
Comments: I will be back
Name: Ardis
Referred by: Net Search
From: Around
Time: 2000-03-24 02:17:05
Comments: This kind of website, that tries to make psychics out to be retarded fourteen year-olds sucks. Maybe they'll never be able to take them seriously, with people like you.
Name: Justin Clark
Referred by: Net Search
From: Maryland
Time: 2000-03-04 06:32:01
Comments: He takes the SHROOMS. It comes. He soon thinks them all to be aliens and against him. The only alien is himself. He looks outside for answers and only seperates further. Soon all control is lost. The world is ending before his eyes. Reality shakes. He is left behind helpless before the forces to come. He looks into their eyes only to see them shake out of their heads as they transform into mad lizards. Eventually his own body disintegrates into pulsing energy particles. It merges with the environment. He doesn't know which one he is for he is all of them. He tries to die. After the hell passes, he awakes anew. Anything is possible. 1 month later he takes the LSD. It begins to happen once again. This time it involves Jesus, religion, and sin. What is the answer? The alien exorcism begins. Be Here Now emerges to be preached to the one in need. The words drive the demon away. He rests in the bliss of the white light. All is one. Thought is pointless. The only thought worth while is the thoughtless one. It is what you make of it. Many paths to the same mountain top to each his own. I've had many experiences like this. Your website is not healthy for those who are new to this. They will cling to the first answers they can find and you claim to provide when you are no different then they. Cult. Fools us all. You claim to have knowledge when the only knowledge is the beginner's mind. Do not trust this web site. Trust yourself. Trust God. Trust IT. Faith. I'm only 19 so anyone can learn this on their own. You have no monopoly on universal knowledge. If anyone is feeling lost, lonely, paranoid, or having psychic problems, email me at don't turn to this web site. it will only tangle you further in a conspiracy of your own mind's making. your own personal hell and pandora's box need not be opened. rest in bliss and love. ALWAYS FORGIVE
Name: Amy Myrden
Referred by: Net Search
From: St. John's, NF, Canada
Time: 2000-02-30 12:29:39
Comments: Very Interesting Site
Name: Amy Myrden
Referred by: Net Search
From: St. John's, NF, Canada
Time: 2000-02-30 12:29:20
Comments: Very Interesting Site
Name: Joe
Referred by: Net Search
From: Earth
Time: 2000-02-15 20:30:11
Comments: Censoered? Why please email me. thanx
Name: Joe
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Earth
Time: 2000-02-11 20:41:37
Comments: I dont think [censored] these things ive been trying to get in touch with [censored] response. believe me i would like to help as well. yet they continue to ignore me?
Name: alex demaris
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 2000-02-11 15:40:32
Name: Slave Of Society
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: The real question... why am I here?
Time: 2000-02-08 14:24:18
Comments: It is hard to believe he spoke and it was created, after all it is hard to believe anything. I have always felt like a Slave of Society, but tend to realize there is no real escape without self destruction. Pshycic Freedom seems to be the only possible way to take control of your own life. I need to know the first step in advancing toward this.
Name: dreamer
Referred by: Net Search
From: earth
Time: 2000-02-06 21:52:29
Comments: i dreamt the coyote with a thousand eyes has awoken and now crawls from the embers..dont know what it means but it is a dream that keeps coming back
Name: secretsurfer
Referred by: Net Search
From: cyberspace
Time: 2000-02-06 21:48:02
Comments: to weird for me you people
Name: Denis (psychic) C.
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Canada, NB
Time: 2000-02-04 15:11:56
Comments: Humm, i always suspected that computers were made to enslave humanity. I should purge my computer of it's FLASH RAM and battery-backed RTC right now before everything is too late. Good work, keep up the fight, we must let the average instinc based population hear our message...
Name: Simonsen
Referred by: Net Search
From: Currently daytona beach
Time: 2000-01-23 23:17:32
Comments: Ive currently had a revelation..... Im pretty sure the world is going to end by means of some kinda alien invasion. I saw a dream. Does this mean anything to you?
Name: damion
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Unfourtunatly Utah
Time: 2000-01-11 18:54:24
Comments: I did not expect such a great site. I've only just been introduced to "the world under the world" (if you will). I'm 16, and have alot of learning to do. if you could help me in any way, please do.
Name: Chance
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Unfourtunatly Utah
Time: 2000-01-11 18:40:39
Comments: I did not expect such a great site. I've only just been introduced to "the world under the world" (if you will). I'm 16, and have alot of learning to do. if you could help me in any way, please help.
Name: Dade Murphy
Referred by: Net Search
From: Oregon
Time: 2000-01-04 08:57:35
Comments: Holy s***, did this site make me laugh. Quite refreshing. Well done. The mind transfer process doesn't seem to work too well tho. I tried it on my supervisor, but aside from an increased affection for laquerware, he seems none the worse for wear. You might want to re-evaluate your research.
Name: Joe
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: why do u care
Time: 2000-01-03 17:08:00
Comments: So, your from Peridym. A place that doesnt exsist. guess you dot exsist then.
Name: Joe
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Long Island
Time: 1999-12-32 17:36:32
Comments: Looks like nothing is going to come out of this y2k bug after all. Looks like no pyschic freedom for a while.
Name: Joe
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Long Island
Time: 1999-12-28 00:32:29
Comments: YOu say the end is near and the only way to be spared is to join you. SO, how do i join you. Please email me with details thanx
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 1999-12-22 07:11:03
Comments: The end is near for you. go ahead and think me and my operatives are joking we don't really care. when the time comes no one will be spared unless you join us
Name: psionic warlord
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: psions guild
Time: 1999-12-08 04:30:32
Comments: I believe not that you so called "psychic warriors" know anything of psychic warfare so I will give you simpletons a free lesson. PSYCHIC TERROISM buildings. this involves a radionic box, fm radio, foil plate {foil glued to cardboard}, patch cable, 2 alligator clips, and a length of unshielded wire. 1.accquire a picture of the building for your operation. 2.get a disruption pattern {prefferably a fire patter} and put it in the can of your radionic box. 3.take a rate for the pattern. 4.hook both ends of your unshielded wire to the alligator clips. 5.attatch one of the alligator clips to the foil plate and the other clip to the antenna of the radio. the disruption pattern on the foil plate. 7.plug in one end of your patch cable in the radio where earphones plug into. 8.take your other end of patch cable and plug it in the left jack of your radionic box. 9.make sure that the radio is set on fm. 10.take a rate on the radio just as you did on the box. 11.after you've got the rate put the picture on the rubbing plate of the box 12.plug in the radio if it isn't already. 13. in time you'll start to see results on the pattern that you are transmiting. for example, if you transmitted a pattern that supposed to cause fire, the building will go down in flames with some of the people who weren't lucky enough to escape. I hope this helps you in your "mission" {cough}.
Name: Ulrik Andreas Broberg
Referred by: Net Search
From: Denmark
Time: 1999-11-18 06:39:15
Comments: I had serveal dreams and they happend.
Name: Questionable
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Where could I be from?
Time: 1999-11-10 16:55:09
Comments: With the high emphasis you put on aluminum wouldn't you think the C.I.A would go after that first? Among other things It doesn't seem right that your all powerful enemies in the C.I.A would allow you to exist if they percieved you as a real threat maybe it is possible that you have made a mistake in your assumptions. use the information given to you to find the real enemie and attempt to supply accurate information then you will become a real threat. What you are given you may be able to find a realistic pattern rather than illogical and base less assumptions
Name: Pixie
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Earth, Nice Ta Meat Ya
Time: 1999-11-10 14:08:44
Comments: hey i wanted to tell ya this site is just great i have never read anything so stupid me and my friend laughed for an hour it is to bad this site is a joke or so i think if you were realy for real then you would actually tell something that wasn't a lie and a half but you know what you need someone who can actually do magic or teach magic (like me and my pals) to help you make this site work i would not call this a threat but if you don't change i will not be capable of holding my friends back in destroying this site and if you are part of the cia FIND ME Thank You, Have a Nice Day
Name: liam
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: england
Time: 1999-11-04 05:58:35
Comments: one day we will all realise our phsycic powers and the world will be transformed into a giant space shuttle, propelled to a new solar sytem as our own star dies using only the power of telikinesis. I know this as the power of phsycic's runs strong in my blood, the dampening fields will not deter me from my quest for a new life in a new solar system on the other side of the milky way. There we will meet hee,bee,jee and bee2, my phsycic alien friends and our five planets will combine to make a wormhole to andromeda, there we will live in a utopia akin to that in the time machine, but without the morlocks. Nice logo. Bye.
Name: Terry Alagar
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 1999-11-02 13:43:16
Comments: Just try to stay still and relax, I'm sure the medication will kick in soon
Name: Karla Campos
Referred by: Hyperlink
From: New York
Time: 1999-10-21 10:58:40
Name: T.Manager
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Somewhere out there
Time: 1999-10-06 17:17:03
Referred by: Net Search
From: M.I
Time: 1999-09-25 08:50:47
Comments: I soii a ufo in the sciy ther wre LIHTS AND CALL ME IN MY E-MAIL
Name: R w
Referred by: Net Search
From: uoed
Time: 1999-09-25 08:22:03
Comments: rsejfkjviwrkfrnb rigureoutlknfgoiudtg fdgkydoitg fgvistnb vc iwtuietgleihglndf dcgkjrht dfksfdtkdfhmbdc vxcvb
Name: Joe Simonsen
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Daytona Beach
Time: 1999-09-20 17:54:09
Comments: I must confess i agree with some of your ideas. Psychics ahould be in control, after all we are the most powerful element in the human species. Everyone else is just an animal!
Name: paradigm-shifter
Referred by: Net Search
From: earth
Time: 1999-09-07 03:26:28
Comments: there was only singularity in the imminent polarity lukewarm severity is actually charity, and truth without twist remains a homosapien rarity. when searching for truth pray for clarity, do u see the problem of organic verity? listen closely or be misled by whatever is blaring? choose because jesus and lucifer are not into meme sharing.
Name: Johnny Appleseed
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Applegrowers Assc. of America
Time: 1999-08-32 16:39:40
Comments: And now a word from your local applegrowers....... F*CK PEARS!!!!!!!
Name: WitchyWoman
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
From: CT
Time: 1999-08-32 16:11:52
Comments: I think aside from being completely and totally insane. You are very entertaining. I never laughed so hard. Although I was entertained. I must add that I think people like you can also be dangerous. Children and others who have no common sense, Come across this trash and actually think they can relate to it somehow. It's ridiculous and sad. And a huge waste of web space that could be used to promote peace instead of anarchy. It's a shame that your talents are used in such a way. Being a psychic myself, I know your full of it. So save the speeches and find another line of work. Perhaps Hollywood needs another crazy horror writer. And on behalf of all psychic... Don't be on our side...We don't need nor want you to defend us. Thanks for the laughs. Bright Blessings Rev. Witchy
Name: DR JED
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 1999-08-23 17:03:28
Name: psychic
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: eritrea
Time: 1999-08-14 18:35:00
Comments: you have already forgotten
Name: Zintek
Referred by: Net Search
From: Houston
Time: 1999-08-14 04:31:13
Comments: Can you perceive what number I am thinking of?
Name: medicine dancer
Referred by: Net Search
From: salt lake city
Time: 1999-07-31 17:00:09
Comments: I answered my own question! I am not a victim today so oppresion is not real. every one on this Earth is playing his or her role as planed. Victim or preditor is irrelevent. No one is really a victim. Did every one forget about free will? Did every one forget about honor and respect. It does not matter to me if you out there want to be paranoid about the machine. Fear is how they get you. You create your own reality , right on!!
Name: medicine dancer
Referred by: Net Search
From: salt lake city
Time: 1999-07-31 16:46:17
Comments: what are you really trying to do? There is nothing going to stop the awakening of all sleepy souls on this planet. I think what you are doing is okay but I am not sure I understand your goal. How does one get past the pshycic oppresion?
Name: Billy brown
Referred by: Net Search
From: maine
Time: 1999-07-26 22:22:09
Comments: I wish to develup 'talents'. I hope it is not too late.
Name: The Man
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: The Land
Time: 1999-07-12 22:50:07
Comments: I am watching
Name: Ral Destrow
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 1999-07-12 22:49:00
Comments: You page does have some good information. The problem is that the psychics controll the cia. The man, with his er33t Mind Flayer, controlls the cia. He wants his power to be to be used his alone. I as a ph34r power psionic what to crush the man and then opperate his estlablishment.
Name: David
Referred by: Net Search
From: Australia
Time: 1999-06-29 22:16:04
Comments: Ok, I'm a little weak in strength, but, knowledge is power, and I know the physical/mental/spiritual way to turn on one's powers ( Also, only once have I visited the Akashic records, not bad for someone not knowing at the time they had power, or has now found they have 8 spirit guides, plus owns 2 souls ) My abilities do lay in mind control, mind reading, awaking telekenesis, precognition ( since a child but is weak in strength ), and in a warlock way: I can cast some spells but haven't done in a while. Anyway, Hello.
Name: Alva Hare
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Boston
Time: 1999-04-10 13:50:17
Comments: Ha,,,,, HA HA,,,,,, MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,, HO ,, HE HE ,,,, AHHHHHHHHH,,, HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,,, WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! EEEEEEHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!, AHha AH ha HAhaha ha ha ha ha ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Back to Alva's Home Page Thanx for the great laff, dont quit your day jobs.
Name: Freo
Referred by: Net Search
From: Idaho
Time: 1999-03-26 09:35:52
Comments: Stumbled on to your site while doing a key word exercise. Am learning web site creation, publishing, and management. I find this information......attractive but in some of the ways you 'put' things...radical. That's ok. I get accused of that very same thing all the time. HA I have read the 'history' shich I never knew of before. And the mission I think. two things jump up loudly. #1. I have always experienced the inner planes white litght us as all of us and all the Earth as it is externalizing now (moment to moment). No angels there to my experience and no Jesus or even anything calling itself GOd. It is as if we are made of GOD and in a collective energy body-ness (without the forms and personalities) and it is 'we' who have 'named' it that we are...GOD. I mean really, do we actually believe that a real GOD in all the universes of all creation would have an English word GOD as his-its-our- only name?? #2. I have always had an interior attraction and respect/honor for (my idea of) Merlin. Consciously I know not why. #3. The only name in the bibles that we have to read in judo-christian cultures that stood solid in my attracted interest was ENOCH for he disappeared without a trace. My kind a guy. I'm not into being paraniod and I do believe that we all have the capacity to create our own experience of life and each of our own views....are creating our very experince of that 'life'. so I will say: Hail brothers full of light, Halloed be our name (light/energy/nature) , And we are thankful for OUR daily life and we forgive ourselves(personalities) as our selves can forgive other's (personalities) for THE kingdom and THE power and THE glory.....for ever....ah' hu men. (eternally while with or while without our material bodies)
Name: William Jennings Brian, Esq.
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: The Cross of Gold
Time: 1999-03-19 21:44:45
Comments: The Merlin Foundation for Psychic Freedom fully supports the removal of the so-called "Dixie Flag" from the South Carolina capitol, and removal of South Carolina from the Union, and Horry County from South Carolina, and Myrtle Beach from Horry County, etc. The Foundation supports and advocates the destabilization of all Federal power, for only by eliminating its sources of revenue can the playing field vis-a-vis the CIA be leveled. You should declare your yard a sovereign and independent nation. Deo Vindice!
Name: thebaglady
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: South Carolina
Time: 1999-03-16 18:26:26
Comments: Hi-Read many of your pages. You might enjoy mine I think. One of my 'missions' is to help in getting the Dixie flag off the flagpole in Columbia, SC. Please write the Governor there! Thanks. Peace on you.
Name: thebaglady
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 1999-03-16 18:25:06
Name: Sally Buck
Referred by: Net Search
From: Austin Texas
Time: 1999-03-02 13:27:41
Comments: My daughter reads the Merlin Cards. We both do some Psychic work and I would like to get into it more.
Name: Kwijibo
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Sirius
Time: 1999-02-14 06:28:53
Comments: I liked the pages. Some very funny shit. Unless you are anarchists, I woder why you chose to put the anarchist symbol on your pages (the Circle A on the red fist)? But since the pages are full of giggles and pee-peeing hilarity I won't get hostile and violent. Anyhoo... you don't know half of the story yet. Seeing as how your site endorses statesmen and "world leaders" you believe that it's something else, like the CIA, that hinders our psychic ability. For the people at home reading your site, and this, I have to say that people like the Clintons and other bastards, are pretty much the reason why humankind is in static progress. People, you fail to see that it is the state itself! For that is the very essence of the state - to atomize and strip dignity from the individual being and exploit their labor and creative thought. To make him a mindless robot of consumption for the capitalist machines. The lifelong servitude and mental oppression of various sorts brought on because of that servitude are what hinder the real progress of man... Progress is not the manufacturing of new and exciting technological widgets... it is not the plasticizing of life and the manufacture of emotion. True progress - Human Progress - is the expanding of the consciousness, it is the breaking of the laws which tie reality into society. The breaking down of the old paradigms of thought, of creating a new world right here in our hearts - that is Progress. The glorification of statesmen, of sports figures, of national heroes have all been created under the hierarchy of domination making us bow down to those people who have been recognized by the state as "special people" among the already countless individuals. It is the worship of icons, it is the slavery of souls. They'll keep plating your chains in gold, and draping your cage with kashmir curtains and feeding you thrice a day a meal fit for a king... but you don't know it because they already have your mind. So what good is your "psychic ability" when you are trapped in a cage? We must liberate ourselves TO a new society. Worshipping masters and acting like apes is how we got here in the first place. So everyone can quit with the patriotic bullshit and wake the fuck up. It's time for a new Revolutionary - A new Human that lives without cages, that defies the herd. It's time for you to look inside and rise up again.
Name: Defective Boy
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: reggie humphrey's house
Time: 1999-01-31 22:39:53
Comments: I have been overcome by a constant since of self elation ever since the lyrics to Vaginal Blood Fart first sprang to my mind, curtesy of Don Rosenberg's bank account. I am thankful to crouch beneath the minora and eat the beans and franks of righteous indignation I find within these pages. But I must say that the aluminium foil on the inside of my hat is losing it's adhesion and the voices have become louder as the silver begans it's descent. I am violently engaged in forcible sodomy with Reggie Humphries and that seems to help my complexion more than the sand-blaster I recently tried. Please help. I can't fight this onslaught alone. In my more quiet moments I reflect upon what effect vitamin E has on Frank Gifford and Chris Reeve's steaming sexual escapades. goodbye
Name: I can't use my own name
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: canada
Time: 1999-01-26 18:14:21
Comments: There is a conspiracy against me too. I try to wrap my head in tin foil as often as I can as this will block out certain RF signals and will help protect my brain from the evil thought destroyers, but it didn't work. One night me and my friend were leaving to buy some more beer and drugs. We got into my car and I started driving. There was this bright light and I couldn't think. The next thing I knew, my car had been thrown by some strange force into a tree and there were these cops there. They took my to the police station and made me take off my clothes. They finally let me go but now they're trying to get me convicted of one of their "crimes". I don't know how to fight this conspiracy. I called a laywer, but he was under the control of the thought controller, and I couldn't get him to wear tin foil. I don't know what to do.
Name: a friend
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: elsewhere
Time: 1999-01-24 10:01:12
Comments: The following statement, by Gary Stollman, was read during his break-in at KNBC Los Angeles, August 19,1987.

Appropriately, the statement was read by Consumer Reporter David Horowitz, at gunpoint:

"The man who has appeared on KNBC for the last 3 years is not my biological father. He is a clone, a double created by the CIA and alien forces. It is only a small part of the greater plot to overthrow the United States government, and possibly the human race itself. The CIA has replace and tried to destroy my family, and those of my friends.

Although I have known about this since 1981, I have not taken action for fear of the lives of my family. I have been forced into CIA-run mental hospitals, such as Cedard-Sinai, where I am shown being interviewed by doctors, although I sopke to nobody there for 2 weeks. At UCLA-NPI, I attempted to have myself released by a court, but was asked by Dr. Martin Zsuba to keep removing my requests for a writ-hearing. At Ben Taub Hospital in Cincinmati, all the phones were turned off for 48 hours after I arrived.

I heard an interview a few weeks ago, on radio station KPFK, in which a former CIA official told a college audience how the CIA towed barges filled with disease across New York harbor, placed lightbulbs in subways to create vertigo, and cameras to observe reactions, and may have created the AIDS virus to wipe out the gay population.

He spoke of secret teams created after World War II. I say the CIA assassinated John F Kennedy and the 22 material witnesses, who all died within 2 years, a mathematical impossibility. What they are capable of, I know only too well. I demand the release of Air Force files concerning UFOs, kept secet from even Barry Goldwater. On my way back from Expo 86 last year, I heard that he once asked to see the files and was told, "Hell no!" I demand the release of files on the objects held in Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force base, now obscurely referred to as the Environmental Control Building, the most highly guarded building in the world. Why has knowledge of such beings and equipment been kept so secret even the US Congress doesn't know?

I spoke to a girl at a junior college in Florida 2 summers ago. , who related the story to me how 7 of her friends had been replaced. She said they had written absence excuses for them when they weren't sick, then they disappeared for a week, only to come back with different personalities. These people, or whatever they are now, are trying to take over the phone company. The CIA is either doing this, or helping them.

I was warned in 1981 by someone with CIA connections to stay off computers. Then I received disturbing calls from my parents, which led me to believe that something terrible was going on. I was forced into a mental hospital in Tallahassee, where I learned my brother-in-law had been driven insane in the same way someone was trying to do to me. I was released, but when my mom came to visit me I knew it was an imposter. The Optimists Boys School near Pasadena recruited members for some secret group of people. They adopted orphans and gave them fake IDs and birth certificates. Since we already know of a secret group led by the President's own staff, someone had better find out what was going on, and fast. I know only that there are beings with the power to teleport instantaneously, and do the same to others, who can read and control minds, and transform matter into other forms or creat it at will.

I ask only for Congressional Investigation and Federal protection of my family, and those involved. There is no way I can harm anyone with an empty BB gun."

This prophet remains a prisoner, to this day, of the medico-legal establishment.

Name: Psychic Anononymous
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: We are everything.
Time: 1999-01-12 09:26:22
Comments: You antimilitant fool: They control the Watchers.
Name: Militia Anononymous
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: We are everywhere.
Time: 1999-01-12 07:09:16
Comments: We have reported your site to Militia Watch, the Hate Filter.
Name: Ramesh Nakur
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
From: Calcutta, India
Time: 1999-01-09 08:14:35
Comments: I think you guys are loonies
Name: Aegis
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Time: 1999-01-07 05:43:52
Comments: Greetings! Just surfin' through and happened upon your page. Very nice work here. I enjoyed my visit! Keep up the good work! shameless CIA-sponsored jesus advertising censored
Name: Blake Carrington
Referred by: Hyperlink
From: Santa Cruz, CA
Time: 1999-01-05 02:28:39
Comments: I think it is shameful that some individuals, like the one who signed below me, feel the need to make fun of this poor soul who is obviously crying out for help. Go pick on someone your own size, jackass!
Name: Bel
Referred by: Hyperlink
From: California
Time: 1999-01-04 09:49:25
Comments: So, let me guess, you escaped from the Facility and used your powers to remove the straightjacket? Seriously, are you suggesting the CIA has time-travel? A computer running ancient Egypt? Please. I've heard some wild conspiracy theories in my time, and this one falls apart faster than most. Go join the unabomber in lockup before you hurt somebody.
Name: ROFL
Referred by: Hyperlink
Time: 1998-12-25 05:22:39
Comments: 1) Psychic freedom from the tyranny of computers and their digital menace. - THEN GET OFF THE WEB
2) Action - act now and destroy all machines. - see #1. addendum: If you are not all hypocrites, you must all be amish - you know, no cars, no plumbing, no electricity. must all be neanderthals. Do you know what you destroy if you destroy "all machines" It includes such wonderfully simple innovations such as the pulley? the lever?
3) A microwave damping field saturates the planet from space, crushing your psychic acuity. Computers blur your psychic vision with an electron haze of digital noise. The Internet dulls your psychic sense by immersing you in physical freedom. - Ahem...seen number 1.
Heh...I don't really mean to get off the web. People out there deserve some kind of comic relief...
Name: Horton Bay
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: The Woods of Michigan, Militia Country!
Time: 1998-12-22 01:37:54
Comments: You guys are nuts.
Name: Erik Ravenhurst
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Neuschwabenland, Antartica
Time: 1998-11-26 23:41:16
Comments: You meddle with powers beyond your understanding. In seeking to bring to light the mysteries of Thule, you cast yours and you to the nether regions. The Spear of Destiny will be found. Heil Dietrich Echardt!
Name: He who walks behind the rows.
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Inside
Time: 1998-11-25 01:51:21
Comments: The time is at hand Trust no one Operatives have been placed in all southern states Plans within plans Get out while you still can
Name: Jack Prewitt
Referred by: Net Search
From: Nimbin, Australia
Time: 1998-11-12 18:59:58
Comments: Fraternal greetings from The Luddite Poetry Workshop.
We have found that irreverance and humour are powerful weapons in The Good Fight, and we have associated ourselves with that meister of light verse, Dweebler A. Cramden, at
Name: LMAO
Referred by: Hyperlink
Time: 1998-11-06 21:22:00
Comments: You! OUT OF THE GENE POOL NOW!!! (And hey, lay off that crack pipe while yer at it.)
Name: Karen Lyster
Referred by: Hyperlink
From: New Zealand
Time: 1998-11-01 18:42:01
Comments: Hi great site - really enjoyed my visit.
Karen Lyster UFO Researcher New Zealand Home Page :
Name: yo momma
Referred by: Net Search
From: yo grandmomma
Time: 1998-10-17 22:06:18
Comments: This is the best piece of comedy I've seen on the net from sickos (woops, I meant psychics). Well, amuse on....
Name: Declan MyMan
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
From: the Stork ...well, that's what I was told !
Time: 1998-09-29 07:00:28
Comments: I used to be disgusted, but now I'm just amused.
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
Time: 1998-09-23 03:43:43
Comments: Know that the STRONG SURVIVORS have witnessed your struggle. You are found worthy to FEAST at the table of triumph, in the Halls of the STRONG SURVIVORS!
Name: Ray Suarez
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: National Public Radio
Time: 1998-09-18 23:00:47
Comments: The "advertising" you people have been putting up on National Public Radio's public forums discussion page must cease now. I have reviewed your fallacious theories, and find them, and you, laughable and ludicrous Come on, guys, Talk of the Nation is a show that tries to present a balanced perspective on policy and the issues of the day. We can't perform this mission if we are hounded by indivuals such as yourselves. We certainly don't have time for your theories on psychic terrorism, the CIA or whatever it is you were calling about today. Please be fair.
Name: Priyesh Gabahni
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Bombay, India
Time: 1998-09-18 03:55:32
Comments: I am a Merlin Field Investigator for over 225 years and Psychic Dissenter for over 55 years. Alpha wave, EKG, and Orgone Analysis, using no highend computers but only my innate psychic powers, are my specialties. I use Intrealinear Reading®, Pre-Cognitive Dissonance®, Photoshop 5, CIA-Kr4ck software for my analysis tools.
Name: Andrew Collie Brockinton
Referred by: Hyperlink
From: St. Petersburg Florida
Time: 1998-09-01 01:10:22
Comments: I am a MUFON Field Investigator for over 25 years and Paranormal Investigator for over 25 years. Photo, Video, and Audio Analysis, using a highend Amiga and PC computer. I use Lightwave 3D, ImageFX, Photoshop 5, DSS 8 & 16 Bite software for my analysis tools..
Name: Owen Laird
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Austin, Texas
Time: 1998-08-18 23:59:23
Comments: Sir, your dissection of Celtic origins itself displays a marked lack of scholarship, or a remarkable willingness to throw the bull. The Celt is not a Templar. The Celt has no truck with secret societies, unless his own society is somehow secret. What is no secret is that the Celt is descended of space aliens. Caesar's commentaries on the conquest of Britain show that the Celts (or "Woses," as they called themselves) were blue. See Charles Fort's "Lo!" for confirmation of this fact. Even today, intimations of alien descent for the Briton may be found in the idiom of his very language. ("Blue blood" for rarefied ancestry, "blue" for homesickness, "blue sky" for impossible dream, and so forth). In the American south, where the population retains the highest degree of Celtic blood, belief in so-called UFOs, UFO cults, etc. reaches its apogee, Regardless of whether we are being visited, this betrays a kindred feeling with the voyagers, a longing for a return home, if you will. Is it any wonder that all crop circles to date have appeared in remote areas of the British Isles? What are they teaching you kids at the Universities these days?
Name: Robert Sedgwick
Referred by: Net Search
From: Carnarvan, Wales
Time: 1998-08-15 10:44:23
Comments: I feel it necessary to express my disagreement with you about the "innate superiority of Celtic Druidic culture". Excuse me, but were not the Celtic Druidery bound by Merlin (a Welshman; Wales, the land of great coalminers and little else; in effect, bound by a coalminer) to forever serve as mere court jesters, sideshow freaks and petty entertainers at children's parties before being burned alive inside the Oak boles that they worshipped. And don't proffer any horse ordure about Wales being Celtic; the Welsh wouldn't know Celtic if it bit them on the posterior. Wake up and read between the lines of your history books. The Celts arose from "apparently nowhere" in C5. What do you think this "nowhere" was? The Celts were a splinter faction of the psychic Templars; they dwindled to obscurity because they no longer had access to the SOURCE. Read some Plato, my friend: "There have been a thousand holocausts, which have occurred in a thousand ways and will recur, both by fire and by water and by other means." Who do you think were the perpetrators of these holocausts? No contemporary Gods existed in the time that the priests of Sais spoke those words. Who would be bold, strong and evil enough to commit a thousand holocausts, and a thousand more over the coming millenia? None other than the Templars. Your palaeoclassical education is comical to the point of absurdity, my friend.
Name: Gavin
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Gaia
Time: 1998-08-13 01:29:57
Comments: You are missing the entire point! Naturally I should have expected some expectorate such as yourself to chime in with a defence of the holy Greeks. I was speaking of the innate superiority of Celtic (that's Kel'tik) Druidic culture, in a moral and spiritual sense. The Greeks did surrender to the Romans, and easily! The city of Corinth was devastated early on during Roman activity on the Ionic peninsula. This example COWED your mighty Greeks, and all further resistance crumbled! The highest place a Greek could occupy during the Imperial era was to be the teacher of a Roman slave master's children, In fact, the Greeks continued calling themselves "Romans", in their SICK SYCOPHANCY, until the FIFTEENTH CENTURY, when they were finally put in their insufferable place by the Turks! It would be a good thing for you to remember that, you bloated turd!
Name: Roger Troutman
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Bootyville
Time: 1998-08-10 22:01:45
Comments: When Boadicea's revolt was mushed Druidic culture only spanned northern Gaul and the British Isles. Don't confuse Druidism with Celtic culture (which went all the way to Anatolia). The Greeks were culturally dominant from southern Spain to Bactria in modern Afghanistan. And the Greeks didn't "submit" to Rome, they fought it tooth and nail. See Rome's wars with Syracuse, Macedonia, the Seleucids, Tigranes the Great, the Ptolemeic empire, and eventually several revolts in Greece proper. To name a few. These were larger in scale, longer lasting, and far more effective (though still utter failures) than Celtic/ Druidic resistance to Rome, which was effectively ended after Anglsey was captured. Anyway, Greece captured Rome before that city-state expanded out of Italy. Roman culture was dominated by Greek ideas from its very inception. Note the myth that Rome was created by refugees from Troy as an example. And don't get me started on the vastness of Greek cultural achievement.
Name: Gavin
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Gaia
Time: 1998-08-06 04:38:52
Comments: You are quick to condemn that which you profess to admire. Since the beginning, man has sought to impose order on the world around him. Systems were devised to place a framework over the seeming chaos. Those with superior understanding were able to predict and control events, to lesser or greater degrees. We call such systems science today, but in earlier years the systems were considered magick.

The common aspects of science and magick are ignored today. We are taught that individuals such as Galileo, on the right hand, were greater than individuals such as Hermes Trismegistorus, on the left hand. Today, one is a revered scientist. The other is called an obscure mystic. To the Catholic Church, both were the same: heretics. Perhaps the Pope knew something the editors of _Scientific American_ don't.

Both Galileo and Hermes sought laws by which the workings of the universe could be understood. Their descriptions of those laws differed, but they still described the same thing. It is much as the parable of the blind men and the elephant.

The Greeks are esteemed because their culture was preserved by the Romans, whose culture directly evolved into our own. The Druids had a civilization of equal advancement, and greater scale, than that of the Greeks. The Druids are scorned, ignored, or (when they appear today) feared, because their culture was destroyed by the Romans. The sons of Socrates submitted like cowards. The daughters of Boadicea fought like warriors. Yet we are taught to honor the Greeks.

A comparison may be made to conditions prevailing in our modern Roman Empire. Our brothers, the Native Americans. possessed a culture founded on respect for the earth. When the land was stolen, they resisted, and were paid with the coin given to all who oppose the Roman way. Nonimperialist races and cultures which submitted to the engineers, and their railroads, were preserved. They are rewarded today with "Pride Days" and affirmative action. Yet I ask you, whose path was nobler?

And so it is that science, which flattered and bent to the Roman Church, has prospered, while magick, which is also founded upon universal law, including the sacred principle that WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, is banished to obscurity.

I fear for our society. Something wicked this way comes.

Name: Andy Block
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: London, England
Time: 1998-08-04 17:24:52
Comments: Meeting is on for Thursday as planned. I think I am being watched though. Adjust date and time as arranged - "Only four shopping months to Christmas". Santa will not be able to make it this time; his boots won't fit. Come alone. dont panic. This time it's for real; I have the equipment. Hope to see you there,
Name: Paul Bloomfeld
Referred by: Net Search
From: Bozeman, Montana
Time: 1998-08-02 20:54:31
Comments: Thank you for revealing the truth about my great-grandfather, Hiram Bloom. He was a great man. I don't believe in his struggle, in fact I think you're a bunch of fucking lunatics, but I do believe that you have done his memory justice by believing and perpetuating his raving lunacy. He would be proud of the grand edifice you have created as a memorial to his rabid schizophrenia and paranoid rantings.
Name: Merlin Pryde
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Flagstaff, Az
Time: 1998-07-20 00:21:52
Comments: You are without a doubt, the most twisted person/group of persons I have encountered this week. The raging schizophrenia at work here is awe-inspiring. Thank you for proving once again that society is on the brink of collapse.
Name: Alcuna Vitry
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
From: Carnforth, Wales
Time: 1998-07-12 13:35:08
Comments: Woman was not created from man's head, in case she should be inflated with arrogance towards man. 'I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man.' (I. Tim. 2:12). You provide insufficient information related to the tyrannical global hegemony of womenfolk.
Name: Joy Bradley
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Asheville, North Carolina
Time: 1998-07-04 18:55:03
Comments: hmmmmmmmm.
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Iron City, Texas
Time: 1998-06-28 22:15:12
Comments: Beavis and Butthead are everywhere. You laugh at them. But when they kick in your door, brandishing lead pipes and wearing Scorched Earth Party t-shirts, you won't be laughing then, will you, smart boys?
Name: Psychick Informr
Referred by: Net Search
From: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 1998-06-28 20:52:35
Name: James Sobol
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Garden City, New Jersey
Time: 1998-06-22 05:23:05
Comments: This is the funniest thing I have seen in weeks.
Name: Francis Blackburn
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Peoria
Time: 1998-06-16 14:36:48
Comments: Please to not insult my hometown of Peoria.
Name: Bill Alpbanalp
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Dallas, Texas, where we shoot at presidents, and at people who shoot at presidents
Time: 1998-06-10 23:20:10
Comments: Some day a REAL rain will come and wash all the garbage off the streets!
Name: William Mazzella
Referred by: Psychic Transmission
From: Chapel Hill, NC
Time: 1998-06-04 17:40:51
Comments: Save the spoons. Uri Geller must be stopped!
Name: Max Schwab Jr.
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
From: Washington DC
Time: 1998-06-04 09:46:00
Comments: My dad was drafted for Nam in 61 and spent 9 years evading capture in the VC sewer tunnels. He saw the VC perform experiments on prisoners and they are ALIENS WORKING FOR THE CIA! HE HAS PROOF! He cant show it to me now but he says he will.
Name: Thomas Llewellyn
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: Leeds, United Kingdom
Time: 1998-06-03 23:12:02
Comments: You people are absolutely and truly cracked. Please seek medical attention immediately. That is all.
Name: UberMoe
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
From: Flagstaff, AZ
Time: 1998-06-03 01:04:59
Comments: The National Security Agency has been tracking me by satellite relay network for years. They know my location at all times. I had to burn my ATM and credit cards, because Nationsbank and MasterCard were feeding my personal information to the NSA. It's comforting that finally someone is fighting for me.
Name: Edith Mezzerian
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Topeka, Kansas
Time: 1998-06-02 23:42:15
Comments: thanks for the tips on immortality... i'm going out to practice on the baby,
Name: Igor Stravinski
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Poland
Time: 1998-06-02 22:59:40
Name: Todd Huffines
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Suffolk, Virginia
Time: 1998-06-02 18:08:44
Comments: This site is about nothing but HATE! You sick maniancs should be ashamed of yourselves. The internet promotes freedom of communication for all. You just want to censor it, destroy it for everyonee. Well it won't work pal. We're hear to stay, and you can just pouinbd rocks in your caves.

Imagine! a website devoted to the destunction of machines technology and teh internet. What will the idiots of this world think up next? I hope you're not serious, butr it looks like you are, so idiots you must remainn.

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