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A short history of man's struggle to throw off the psychic chains that bind him:

Lucifer (the Lightbringer) leads a third of the heavenly host in rebellion against the plan secretly hatched by the robot Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Apollo(1) to convince God that by giving the new man psychic powers, He was setting up a potential rival for the heavenly throne. This craven jealousy of the Archangels was indeed inspired by fear, for their own positions in heaven. A psychically aware mankind would make the angels obsolete; would run circles around those winged mechanical contraptions. "Non serviam!" Though his revolt failed, Lucifer's heroic example has inspired all subsequent true warriors for psychic freedom.

ca. 5000 B.C.
The invention of work. Ham, the first of Noah's sons to depart the Ark, sees his father "naked", and is condemned to serve his brothers Shem and Japhet, as described in Genesis. The true meaning of this parable is now plain. Ham, the rebellious youngest son, used his telepathic powers to "read" his father's soul and strip Noah's psychic powers, an abomination in those psychically aware times. As punishment, Ham's own powers are stripped, and a third of humanity likewise. Future intermarriage and dilution with Ham's inert but fecund(2) progeny only accelerates the process for all mankind. Condemned to work "with their hands" instead of through telekinesis, Ham's sons are the first to take scut jobs.

3277 B.C.
The pyramid of Cheops is completed, built with telekinesis and designed with the assistance of a C.I.A./Templar-programmed computer named "Ra-5000". The unrevealed purpose of this diabolical construct is to form the nexus of a psychic vortex, which will strip the local humans of what psychic energy they have left. The plan goes too far, as even the grasses and trees revolt, and the fertile plains of North Africa become a dust bowl. The culture of Egypt declines to depths from which it has still not recovered.

2122-2088 B.C.
Moses parts the Red Sea with sheer willpower, leading the psychic children of Israel to the promised land of milk and honey. The brawnier Canaanites, trusting in their weapons and technology, prove helpless before the mindbeams of Moses' successor, Joshua.

645 B.C.
Solomon's Great Temple of Jerusalem, a training center for psychics the world over, explodes when the combined energies of the forces within prove too great for the structure to contain. Subsequent Temples will be constructed, but lacking the guidance of trained psychics, the noble ends of the first Temple are perverted by C.I.A. infiltrators, to religion.

32 A.D.
The Jesus flap. A lowly carpenter from Nazareth walks on water, feeds multitudes with psychically generated food, changes the molecular structure of water to wine, divines the future, heals lepers, reads men's minds, calms storms, and speaks to voices from above(3). In response, his jealous neighbors nail him to a stick. His noble truths are perverted over the centuries by blaspheming C.I.A.-deluded technocrats.

760 A.D.
The rebel psychic Muhammad is killed by C.I.A. agents and their remote network of cancer satellites. Though Muhammad's teachings too are perverted by Templar/C.I.A./Nazi/Bolshevik subverters, a grain of truth is preserved by the Ismaili sect of Islam, and the "enlightened brotherhood" of the hasheeshim(4) (assassins).

1314 A.D.
The "destruction" of the Knights Templar, by the King of France(5). The Templars go underground and are subsumed by the C.I.A. to form its occult warfare department.

1450-1989 A.D.
The Renaissance, the Age of Reason, the Machine Age, the Space Age. Humanity falls ever deeper into the pit. Apart from the suppression of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1789, virtually nothing of merit takes place.

1989 A.D.
Establishment of the Psychic Friends Network, a first cautious toe in the water for psychic freedom(6).

1996 A.D.
The Amazing Randi dies!

1997 A.D.
The merlin.org Foundation for Psychic Freedom emerges from centuries of underground labor on behalf of oppressed psychics. The tide begins to turn.

The future is up to you!

If you have any more information about notable incidents in the psychic history of mankind, please inform us at . Please note that virtually nothing of merit took place between 1450 and 1989 A.D.


(1) Apollo's name was later struck from the roles when, realizing too late the folly of his brothers' plans for a weak, psychically limpid humanity, he led his own minor rebellion of the so-called "rebel gods" and was condemned to walk the earth. Many believe that Apollo was the inspiration for the legendary "wandering Jew", doomed to roam eternally, with only his psychic powers to strike back against the technocrats who would enslave mankind, cf. Paracelsus, the Pnakotic Manuscripts, "Casca the Mercenary". (back)

(2) A psychically aware person arguably spends MORE of her time "doin' the wild thang" than her challenged sisters. However, base procreation is far from her primary motive. As all true adepts know, the purpose of sexual intercourse is just that, intercourse, dialogue, merging the fields. Near the point of orgasm, our psychic powers reach peak performance. If properly trained, one can literally "feel the earth move". It is no secret that the vast majority of earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions occur between midnight and six a.m. (back)

(3) All of these psychic abilities, and more, have been perfected and can be demonstrated by the good people at merlin.org! (back)

(4) cf. "Throne of Gold: The Lives of the Aga Khans". The records of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan contain much of insight, to those psychics who speak in tongues. (back)

(5) The Kings of France historically were psychic freedom fighters. Outstanding examples were Charlemagne, who refused to learn to read; the Valois dynasty, who broke the Templars and funded the psychic anti-popes of Avignon; and the Bourbons. Louis XV was a patron of psychics the Comte de Sainte Gemaine, and Voltaire. Louis XVI gave his life rather than heed thermidorean requests from the Estates General to guillotine French psychics. (back)

(6) Underwritten by an endowment from the merlin.org foundation. (back)

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