CIA coup
Our operatives have obtained irrefutable proof that the Central "Intelligence" Agency is behind the sex scandal currently embroiling Washington. After years of futility, the CIA's pincers are finally closing shut on the Clinton adminstration.
The method
Entrapment through nubile temptresses.
The ostensible goal
Impeachment of the President.
The true motive
To silence First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, the one individual standing between the CIA and psychic holocaust!
The plot against the President(1) is complex and far-reaching, but its aims are simple. The consensus urged by the CIA's media lackeys (the "guardians of our morality") is that only one political figure stands to gain from the Lewinsky scandal: Vice President Albert Gore.

These ink-stained wretches consistently fail to mention another figure who may expect to reap rich rewards from Mrs. Clinton's crucifixion: George Herbert Walker Bush!

The plot against the First Lady goes back years, through endless permutations, before coming to its present and final form. In order to comprehend the magnitude of this "vast conspiracy," a bit of history is in order. The machinations of the CIA, and its allies, the Knights Templar, World Freemasonry, and the Communist International, extend for centuries if not millenia, but for the sake of brevity we may begin in the 1960s.

In 1961, the CIA exported its MK-ULTRA program, of mind control through medication, from the test laboratory of Canada to the fertile petri dish of the United States. Psychic oppression became a fixture in American life.

Heretofore, it has been generally accepted that the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert, were carried out by "graduates" of MK-ULTRA for the sole purpose of protecting the program from the Kennedys' "do-gooder" interference with CIA mind control experiments. We do not dispute the conventional wisdom in this respect.

A side-benefit of the assassinations was that, by stilling the Kennedys' voices, a positive influence was removed from the mind of young William Jefferson Clinton, a resident of Hope, Arkansas, who had met President Kennedy, and was destined to follow in his footsteps(2).

As Mr. Clinton announced during his 1992 inaugural address, the two greatest influences on his life were John F. Kennedy, and Georgetown University professor Carroll F. Quigley(3).

Jump cut back to the 1960s: While the future President enjoys the idylls of an Ozark boyhood(4), another future President embarks on a path of evil that will yet bring infamy to his name: George Bush.

It was in 1963, the year of the Kennedy assassination, that Bush began his career as a CIA operative, first under cover as a roving "oil magnate," later as an open agent, eventually succeeding to the titular throne(5) as director of Central Intelligence under the Ford Administration.

Bush's involvement in CIA affairs(6) brought him into daily contact with MK-ULTRA and its successors, continuing to the present day in such forms as the Nanowave program, encephalographic microprocessor insertions in "mental hospitals", "public outreaches" such as the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, and Project Z.

Our sources tell us that Mr. Bush was a major proponent of CIA mind control. He strongly urged that its reach be extended from its traditional nests in the prisons, schools, hospitals, and media, to all facets of American life.

Clearly, Bush was not the sort to approve of such niceties as "psychic freedom for the common man," when there was a New World Order to be built!

Bush's sideline political career brought him into contact with a young graduate of Yale Law School(7) named Hillary Rodham. Bush, a member of Nixon's CREEP committee, was forced to take the heat for Republican shenanigans at Watergate. Ms. Rodham, a member of the Senate Investigating Committee staff, lead the charge to have the communist Nixon removed from office.

An emnity was formed between George Bush and Hillary Rodham, a hatred that lasts to this day.

Consider the following highlights of President Bush's career:

Coincidence, you say? Consider the evidence!

Newspaper reports(10) have documented that Monica Lewinsky was implanted into the White House by agents of Israeli intelligence, the Mossad. The Mossad functions as the CIA's junior partner in the Middle East. Over time, the patterns become too obvious for even the most bone-headed to ignore. Ms. Lewinsky was obviously a modern-day Delilah, secreted for the purpose of "cutting the psyhic Sampson's hair".

With Clinton, and more importantly his marital partner, removed from office, only Vice-President Albert Gore(11) will stand in the way of the CIA JUGGERNAUT preparing to steamroll its way into the White House in 2001.

With a CIA-dominated Presidency and Congress, and Mrs. Clinton in disgrace, only the Merlin Foundation for Psychic Freedom will stand in the way of psychic genocide, and an eternity of mind control.

Support your President!


(1) Even as a child, the future President's psyche could be divined by attuned psychics as one of world-shaking potential. Since the age of three, Mr. Clinton has been watched over from a distance by operatives of the Merlin Foundation and its predecessors. Our interventions range from the relatively simple, such as empathically calming Clinton's drunken psychotic stepfather, to the more baroque, for instance our "suggestions" to Governor Cuomo that a presidential run in 1992 would be counterproductive. (back)

(2) And more importantly, from the life of future First Lady Hillary Rodham. Ms. Rodham's fate/destiny quotient was, if possible, even higher than that of her future husband. Their partnership was foreordained. Even if the myopics in Langley were too insensate to divine this in the 1960s, their Templar "business partners" certainly were not. (back)

(3) The noted Rockefeller stooge. (back)

(4) Among young Clinton's boyhood pals, such as Vince Foster and Bruce Lindsey, Clinton biographers commonly omit two father figures: Reverend Wilbert Suggs, a Pentecostal preacher who handled snakes and ate strychnine; and "Cherokee Jack," a Native American shaman masquerading as the Hope town drunk. The significance of these two warriors for psychic liberty cannot be understated. (back)

(5) Of course, the true masters of the CIA cannot be named in the present forum, or national panic would ensue. (back)

(6) Evidence exists to support the conclusion that Bush was claimed for the Agency at Yale University, a hotbed of CIA recruitment. While a student, Bush was nominated for membership in "Skull 'n' Bones," a secret society whose Templar roots are shown in rituals where initiates are forced to masturbate in coffins! Yale class reunions have been described as "CIA family picnics". (back)

(7) We are not entirely certain if the fact that both Clintons are graduates of Yale is significant. This is a subject for further research. (back)

(8) Later discredited in the 1980s Savings and Loan scandals, which were necessary for the Federal Reserve Bank to extend its power over the world financial system. The sacrifice of a son must have been painful to Mr. Bush, but it must have been useful as well. Masonic rituals require "the Sacrifice of Abraham" for initiation to the 33rd degree. In many cases, the sacrifice is literal! (back)

(9) Among the Merlin Foundation's proposed "psychic bill of rights" is an Amendment which would allow Presidents to run for third or fourth terms, if the candidacy is approved as "in the national interest" by a distinguished panel of psychics. (back)

(10) The Baghdad Times, July 29, 1998. (back)

(11) A man whose personality is so weak he gives off no psychic vibrations whatsoever. (back)

copyright © 1999 the merlin foundation for psychic freedom, all rights reserved